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Dare Another Level Ibadan

#MyIbadan: In Ibadan, You can get to anywhere from anywhere in 30 Minutes – Dare Another Level

Today, Musician Dare Another Level speaks… “My name is Oluwadamilare Ayelabola aka Dare-Another-Level I was born and bred in this great city called Ibadan, and I know quite a lot about the city. My business started in Ibadan about 10years ago before it expanded to other cities and other parts of the world. Ibadan is probably the only city you can get things cheaper and have a better savings with good planning. I love Ibadan because  you can have a target of getting to any place in less 30mins looking at distance plus traffic, and in less than 30mins you’re...

datina again

#MyIbadan: Welcome to Ibadan! We set the pace – Tinu Smith

Today,  fashion Icon Tinu Smith speaks… My name is Tinu Smith an entrepreneur in the city of Ibadan. This is Ibadan my ancient city, full of life and incredible prospects. Ibadan indeed is the pacesetter state. This might sound far  fetched to some but I strongly believe this is true. I have woken up to the cool sound of this beautiful city for the past 27 years, sowing on its soil and eating its fruits. Dreaming great ideas and birthing them. I believe in Ibadan, I gave much to my city and its giving back to me. All the old...


#MyIbadan: I Cannot Play with my Ibadan… – SadeBlaq

My name is Folasade Ogunleye popularly known as Sadeblaq. I am a songwriter and performing artist. I was born and bred in Ibadan,my primary and secondary education in Ibadan, I went ahead to study Music Technology at The Polytechnic Ibadan. I love #MyIbadan because Ibadan is a land of opportunities. You don’t have to be an indigene before you make it in Ibadan,that is why Ibadan is referred to as “ile to gba onile to gba alejo”  (a land that accommodates both indigenes and non-indigenes) peaceful and accommodating. Most of the artists you see at the top today started from...


#MyIbadan: I am super proud of Ibadan.

My name is BABAtunmise…a gospel artist…based in the city of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital & the most populous one at that. The pace setter state has been a great part of my success story. I was born and bred in the city. I had my primary, secondary & post secondary education here in Ibadan. You can’t lay claims to having visited or stayed in the city or its environs without shopping at the largest mall in West Africa or trying Skye Bank Amala, or Iya ala…lollzzz. Ibadan is very peaceful and relatively affordable to live in. I am super...

wale ozolua

#MyIbadan: Today, I can say Ibadan is home for me – Wale Ozolua

My name is Wale Ozolua and I am an OAP with The Beat 97.9 FM and a professional Hypeman in the city of Ibadan. I moved to Ibadan in 2013 in search of a new beginning. Wasn’t sure what to expect especially when you consider I grew up in Lagos. So far it has been a journey of discovery for me and I still have a lot to discover not just about myself, there’s also a lot to discover about Ibadan. Ibadan is calm, I’ve met really interesting and hardworking people here and these folks are consistently changing the game...


#MyIbadan: Ibadan a state of Peace and home of tourism – KingOdua.

My Name is Prince T.k.o Adewuyi , An Entrepreneur in the pace Setter City of Ibadan. Ibadan is a safe and clean state to live in. This state is peaceful, it is a home for tourism from the ancient structures. Quality personalities in the city as continuously helped my profession as an Event planner with a security outfit. In #MyIbadan we have Malls, cinemas, lounges, parks and more infrastructures coming through. We also have quality concerts with Great Minds Despite the hustle and bustle, #Mylbadan Maintains her pace setter credibility as the home of intellectuals. Come and see for yourself...


#MyIbadan: Ibadan has the standard of living many people crave for – Kolade Dominate

Today, Kolade Olowu a.k.a Kolade Dominate speaks… My name is Kolade Dominate, I am an On Air Personalty, I was in born in Lagos but I moved to Ibadan 3years ago. I remember when I used to go to other parts of the south west and I go through the brown roof city, I was always curious about what the city had that others did not and why it was special. I moved in and I found out that the city had the peace other states did not have. It had the easy life other states did not have. It...

fadoju babajide

#MyIbadan: Ibadan is a city where you can live comfortably without breaking the bank – Babajide Fadoju

#MyIbadan Campaign My name is Babajide Fadoju and I’m the Special Adviser to the Governor of Oyo State, Governor Abiola Ajimobi on media. I reside in the cultural city of Ibadan. I was born and bred in Lagos but I relocated here a few years ago, so I can say I have a good knowledge about the the city to a very good extent. It’s been reassuring, safe and cultural revealing to stay in this part of the South West. With my background in Lagos and other parts of the country, I can say this city is one of best...

Mr Tunez

#MyIbadan: Life in #MyIbadan is affordable and it has life value – Mr Tunez.

Today, Babatunde Akinayajo a.k.a Mr Tunez speaks… My name is Tunez and I am a filmmaker and also an entrepreneur.  I was born and bred in the city of Ibadan. I have spent over two decades of my life here in Ibadan. I am proudly a resident of Ibadan,  I have explored the nooks and crannies of this great city, from the extremely indigenous far ends like Itamaya, Amuloko, Lafiaji and Kukumada to the beautiful and serene estates. I am so familiar with Ibadan such that I can manoeuvre my way from UI to Oje down to beere market without...

atinuke Awobode

#MyIbadan: Ibadan has taught me to always put my foot down – Atinuke Awobode.

Today, Atinuke Awobode, the CEO of  Dress my Closet speaks… It all begins in our mind! The change we have so desired! Ibadan has taught me to keep pushing for more, against all odds. #MyIbadan has taught me to always put my foot down. Ibadan has taught me to “Do It Afraid”! What’s the point if you don’t push?! Believe in more, and more will come your way! It all begins with our mindset!!! Ibadan has emerged finally! Who is that who thinks otherwise?!! What has #MyIbadan taught you over the years?     FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email