Author: Adesewa Olofinko

The House Party (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Saturday 6th August)

Dear diary, last night was the craziest I have seen my housemates. There was a cake, baked with some high stuff and their was so much misbehaviour from almost everyone. I left for my room dragging Fiwa along at few minutes past 12 midnight. By then kisses was flying everywhere. Joel’s girlfriend was particularly embarrassing. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Prepping For Tonight! (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Friday, 5th August)

f Thank God it’s Friday! I woke up in high spirits today. Lines from a book I had read last night ‘The purpose driven life’, by Rick Warren kept playing across my mind all morning. I felt inspired to do something different. And while I stood gazing at the sky on the balcony at few minutes past 6’o clock this morning, with a tiny little jotter, and a pen in my hand, I knew I needed to Influence my world in my own little way. I hope in days to come, I m disciplined enough to follow all my steps...

Ibadan should expect a great move of God at Colours of Worship 4- Atinuke Smith

ATINUKE SMITH is the CEO of Datina designs, one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Her programme ‘Colours of Worship’  brings together people to worship every year. ‘Tinu Smith has kept at it, making each edition get even better than the last. At 48, she is an epitome of grace, very stylish and is ageing gracefully. Whatsupibadan caught up with her at her Sango office, Ibadan and she shared her experience as an established fashion designer, mentor, and also talked about her upcoming event. Excerpts… We would like to know more about you. Lets start with where you  were...

Ibadan will be on the global map again with Thinkit All white party 2016

  In recent Ibadan, if there is any event that top socialites in the city gets to look forward to yearly, its the Think It ‘All White Party’, an event organized to celebrate the city’s finest in all works of life. The event is organized by the CEO of ThinkIT Photography Ogunyemi Joseph Ariyo, who is well known in Ibadan social circle as a top player and a versatile business man. caught up with him recently and he talks about himself, his business and most especially the much anticipated ‘ThinkIT All White Party’. Read the Excerpts. Read more… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

My Naughty Housemates (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Wednesday 3rd August)

  Fiwa and Dumebi went out to grab lunch today. She has been so giddy since she got back. But she hasn’t told me anything. My guesses are always almost right, so I will just assume the obvious; that the both of them are now an item. Dumebi had earlier tried to engage me in a conversation this morning in the kitchen, but I had my walls up and thick. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Leaving The Past Where It Belongs (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Tuesday, 2nd August 2016)

So I got invited on this date with Tomiwa, and I obliged. I didn’t really have plans for the day, so I told him we could meet up. I went in the company of Fiwa. After all, it was all her fault I will be ‘brunching’  with Tomiwa, my supposed stingy, and bad-mouthed ex. I could tell in Tomiwa’s body language that he wasn’t too excited to see me in the company of my friend as we walked in through the door of Tantalizers at Ring Road. He was although looking very better than before. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

My Malice Pangs (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Monday, 1st August)

I was out to meet up a client today. Fiwa was at the studios too. I passed by Dumebi in the morning and ignored his attempt to say an hi. Hadn’t I advised him to pursue just friendship with Fiwa for now? I just can’t trust him not to hurt her. I ended up in UI again. There was their non-academic staff protesting about  what in the world I didn’t know of. I’m just pretty grateful to God that I am out of the system of the ASUU, NASU, or SSANU strikes. A lot need to still be fixed in...

Fiwa’s ‘Netflix and Chill’ with Dumebi(Diary of an Oluyole babe, Sunday 31st July)

I was up early but laid still in bed. As soon as I noticed Fiwa was fiddling with the door, I sat up. I wanted to see the look on her face when she realises that I was in. She was pretty shocked and kind of freaked out. Her face flushed with embarrassment. I didn’t even let her cook up lies. I just kept asking ‘why did you do it? We talked about it, just why?’ Fiwa came up with some annoying self-pity stories, and that really got on my nerves. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Playing With Naked Fire (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Saturday 30th July)

Folafunmi came in earlier than I expected. I didn’t even get to have a shower before I left home with him. No make up, my hair in a mess, still claded in my joggers, Fola insisted he wanted me in his company that early. He didn’t even let me carry any extra clothing. Having explained that we would be spending the whole day indoors and if I needed to change, I can change into some of his clothes. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

No, Fiwa is not Ready! (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Friday 29th July)

Dumebi told me today of his intentions to date Fiwa. He asked if I thought it was a good idea. I didn’t even know what to say. Dumebi isn’t the most stable guy around giving his many escapades of which I am aware; neither is Fiwa in the best frame of mind for a relationship. Left to me, I’d have thought Fiwa still needs some time to get her heart and mind in order. We all have scarred pasts, yes, but I believe there’s a time to heal. Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email